People will forget what you said .. people will forget what you did .. but people will never forget how you made them feel.   

maya angelou

Welcome to The Kitchen Table Network

In the crazy struggle to juggle family, career and personal passions, women often forget to breathe. We forget about sunsets; sand between our toes; lazy Sundays in bed and the importance of being still.

Through effective networking and referrals amongst our expanding Membership; inspirational, motivational and educational guest speakers; and a constantly evolving growth platform, The Kitchen Table Network seeks to offer opportunity, support and encouragement in a nurturing and positive environment. Read more about our vision.

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Donna Stone
How to Avoid an Audit

Posted 15-09-2014 by Donna Stone

If you are running a business in Australia or for that matter anywhere, you are obliged to follow the tax rules of the land. We need to know the rules on how to avoid ... Read more

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Andy Roy
Step Mothers and Teenage Boys

Posted 16-09-2014 by Andy Roy

A mother shares her expereinces of a Rite of Passage for her partner and stepson Read more